Gaining Weight After Marriage

podcast Sep 05, 2018

As women, we are so fearful of gaining weight. So often we associate our looks with our ability to first find love, and then stay in love after you get married. It's easier when we are single to achieve that idealistic standard of beauty, but add in a husband, kids, a dog, a house, and a full time job, our time during the day to work on our physical fitness or meal prep becomes almost impossible. 

As a result of carrying babies, aging, and time constraints, our bodies physically change and the once dull voice that used to tell us that we need to lose weight is now screaming at is.

This loud mouth who lives in our head is destroying the relationship we have with food and our body, and as a result, we turn to diet culture to "fix" us. We shill out the money for the informercial we see on Sunday morning...we begrudgingly wake up in the wee hours of the morning to squeeze in that at home workout, and we forgo girls night out so that we can be sure to meticulously track our macros and stay on our diet plan praying that we can go back to our younger, "more desirable" self. 

The loud mouth living inside trying to guilt and shame us into losing weight works for a little while, but eventually even it gets tired and gives up until the next cycle of self loathing begins and a new informercial PROMISING results pops up on our television. 

95% of all diet's fail, yet it's the only industry who blames the buyer and not the seller. Can you begin to see how the problem isn't you? The real problem is that little voice in your head and diet culture for banking on these stats and preying on the vulnerable.

You do not need to lose weight in order to be loved or continue having a loving, intimate relationship with your spouse. What you need is to start speaking a new language. What you need is to not immerse yourself in self-criticism, but facts. Cold hard facts that our bodies are capable of regulating it's own weight without our (or Beach Bodies) help.

You need to immerse yourself in a community who encourages women to embrace the body they were given by God. You need to celebrate the body that brought you the babies you kiss every night and the body that allows you to celebrate yet another birthday. 

Love is available to you at any size and this narrative that makes you believe otherwise is just plain wrong. 

Listen in to this episode of It's Not About The Food as I dive into "love". I share personal stories, professional stories, and undeniable facts that you won't want to miss. 

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