Following God's Calling for Your Life

Apr 03, 2018

The shrink's couch has been dubbed a sacred place.

From the Freudian days to modern times, seeing a therapist is frought with many conflicting emotions, thoughts and feelings. I'm sure none of us dream of seeing a psychiatrist or therapist in our lifetime. If we grew up in traditional environments, there may even be significant shame or guilt attached to "having to see" a therapist. 

I know that by the time people come to see me, they have done everything in their power to "heal themselves." And they are desperate. They are warriors.

People come and share their darkest, scariest, and most shameful thoughts. Thoughts often not shared with anyone else in their lives. Maybe ever.

The work that happens in session with me is truly miraculous, but it is not because of me.  I'm not a magician. I don't have extra special powers. Interestingly enough, I am usually just the instrument that helps play the melody that's already within my patients and clients.

For the record, I fully...

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