Anxiety is the MOST common mental illness. It's also the EASIEST to treat WITHOUT medication.  Let me help.

Hey, I'm Dr. Stefani Reinold in case we haven't met! 

Psychiatrist + Bestselling Author

I see firsthand that anxiety is the most common mental illness. And yet, there are many evidence-based strategies to help you manage and overcome your anxiety, with or without the aid of antidepressants or anxiety meds. 

That's why I created the Attack Anxiety Masterclass!


Lesson 1: Addressing the Situation

I walk you through how to become mindful of your anxious moments in time and what to do with the thoughts that are cycling through your mind.

Lesson 2: Identifying Your Emotions

Every thought first begins with a physical sensation, or a feeling, in our body. I'll walk you through why it's important to identify these emotions and how to embrace them.

Lesson 3: Challenge the Cognitive Distortions

Anxiety happens when we create lies in our mind. We need to uncover which specific distorted patterns we are utilizing and begin challenging those distortions.

Lesson 4: Reassess the Situation

After you can systematize your thought process, we now review the situation at hand and write a new ending to the story, so to speak. This is crucial in mitigating your overall anxiety level.

Lesson 5: Reassess Your Emotions

Lastly, I walk you through how to reassess your emotional state and process through any remaining anxious feelings or thoughts without spiraling out of control.


LIVE Anxiety Workshop!

In these bonus videos, I walk you through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of Anxiety to give you EVEN more information to combat your anxious thoughts!








Don't let anxiety continue to hold you back!

Learn to ATTACK ANXIETY... before IT attacks YOU!


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