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What is the It's Not About the Food Academy 2.0?

10-Module Academy helping you:

  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Make peace with food
  • Set yourself up for a lifetime of body acceptance
  • Create boundaries to enjoy food peace
  • Communicate with loved ones

It IS possible to make peace with food and your body!

...But it will NEVER happen with more control around food or your body.


Video Coaching

8 Weeks of video coaching and education provided to help you make peace with food and your body and to give you the tools to use for the future.

Community Support

Open community forum to get your questions asked by yours truly and get support from other participants.

20+ Exercises

More than 20 exercises + "homework assignments" are included in the course to REALLY help you. So, get that journal ready to do some work!

Exclusive Access

Ongoing access to me in private forum and comments throughout the course, so that I can help you fully make peace from food!

"I love that she is truly able to meet me where I am at."

-Julie Kimock, The Redefined Soul

"What's great about Stefani is that she's been in my shoes. She's got medical expertise and knowledge, but what makes her exceptional is that she truly understands what I went through on a personal and emotional level. Stefani is a mom and a woman and she just gets the struggle! I love that she is able to truly meet me where I am at. She is so compassionate and willing to not just listen but truly hear. I'm so grateful for all she has done for my life!"

"She's the reason I'm on social media."

-Melodye Phillips, Faith, Food and Freedom Nutrition

"After I became a new mom, I wanted to get off of social media, because it was mostly bringing me down. Then, I found Stefani and her community and I've been encouraged, inspired, and motivated. She helps me actually FEEL good enough. Hands down, she's the reason I'm even on social media and I can honestly say that the benefits outweigh the risks. I'm so glad I found Stefani."


Join the wait list now.

You'll be the first to know when I open the doors to my 8-week coaching program.

I'm Stefani Reinold!

Psychiatrist + Anti-Diet Advocate

I'm a women's mental health expert, intuitive eating clinician and anti-diet advocate. I created my revolutionary HEART method so that I can help YOU uncover your HEART so you can create the life of your dreams... without worrying about food

I've helped more than a thousand patients and clients transform their minds and thus, radically improve their lives, their relationships with food and their bodies.

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